Patients’ right in case of cancer misdiagnosis

If you’re a victim of cancer misdiagnosis or untimely diagnostics, caused by medical malpractice or incompetence, you have the right to put in a claim.

mesothelioma misdiagnosis
mesothelioma misdiagnosis

It is generally recognized that the early diagnostics of many cancer forms can provide much more effective treatment and decrease in the death rate. The doctors must be aware of the susceptibility to illness, taking into account your inheritance, the state of environment and the way of your life when consulting you.

Medical malpractice suits often include one of the following factors:

  1. Mistakes in diagnostics- they can be caused by doctor’s proficiency, misunderstanding of patient’s symptoms or test results.
  2. Late diagnostics – it can result from the late medical appointment and biopsy, negligence to the test results, etc.
  3. Misdiagnosis – many patients diagnosed with cancer may not actually have it. It can cause patients to bear heavy and painful procedures (such as chemotherapy) that can result in physical impairment.

The attorneys can prepare suits for any cancer form, in case you faced the doctor’s malpractice.

What can I claim?

The value and level of your claim will depend on certain factors, including:

  • the nature of disease or complications;
  • if you’ve fully recovered from illness;
  • the level of disability;
  • the material damages you suffered because of the illness resulting from the doctor’s malpractice.

You can claim compensations for the following things, if they’re caused by your disease:

  • pain, sufferings and decline in life quality;
  • the loss of job;
  • additional medical expenses;
  • special equipment, required for the realization of daily activities, and any expenses related to the adaptation of your apartment to the new conditions of your life;
  • other expenses resulted from your illness, such as transportation costs you paid for a trip abroad for treatment, and the expenses for treatment abroad.