Survival rate

Survival rate in case of Mesothelioma

Cancer is the great problem of modern society. For the present the scientists can’t find any method able to prevent this disease. Moreover, the early diagnostics of such pathological conditions is also very complicated, as they rarely cause unpleasant symptoms at the early stages of development. One of the quite rare diseases of such kind is the pleural cancer, or Mesothelioma.


Complications of Mesothelioma

Untimely discovered and untreated cancer causes lethal outcome. The patients’ survival rate averages 1-2 years. On the condition of early diagnostics, the prognosis is more favorable.

As other cancerous growths, Mesothelioma can metastasize. In most cases one can observe local metastasis. Metastases can be rarely found in the lungs, liver and other inward parts of the body by this tumor.

What is the danger of Pleural Mesothelioma? The prognosis

As the doctors’ practice shows, the prognosis of Mesothelioma is rather unfavorable, as the most of diseased with such diagnosis dies practically in several months from the moment of disease detection. However, early multimodal therapy of this oncologic disease, which implies the realization of pleuropneumonectomy, followed by the chemotherapy and postoperative radiation, helps to achieve five-year survival rate with a quarter of patients.

Consider that if the illness is neglected, one can’t count on favorable prognosis. Even if the systematic therapy will be realized, the survival rate of such patients is limited to seven months. The doctor can prescribe surgical treatment, though the operations are performed rarely. If the tumor has localized form, surgical therapy is applied to less than 10 % of patients. Post- pleuropneumonectomy lethal outcome amounts up to 15 %. This index is higher than by the realization of pleurectomy. The life expectancy after surgical treatment is approximately the same. X-ray therapy helps to reduce pain, though it can’t prolong the patient’s life. It’s also useless to combine X-ray therapy with chemotherapy, as the high doses won’t increase the survival rates.